Monday, January 28, 2013

OpenID Foundation Community Board Election

Wow! A year has passed and once again the OpenID Foundation is holding an election for 5 new Community Board members. This is a great opportunity to participate in an organization that is making a difference in consumer facing identity standards. I'm excited about the opportunities for both Account Chooser (simplifying the user experience) and OpenID Connect (expanding the set of use cases for federated identity). I am again running for one of the community board seats and would greatly appreciate your vote.

If you are not a member, joining the OpenID Foundation is easy and only costs $25/year. Here is my nomination statement.
I am the Chief Architect for Consumer Identities at AOL Inc. and a long time OpenID supporter. My history starts with AOL (my employer) being one of the first major identity providers to support OpenID 1.0. I have contributed to the OpenID 2.0 specification along with a number of the OpenID 2.0 extensions. I’m now an active contributor to the OpenID
Connect specifications. In addition, I have experience participating in a number of industry standards organizations (OIDF, IETF, OASIS, Kantara Initiative) working on identity related protocols and specifications.

I am very excited about the technology currently under development within the OpenID Foundation such as Account Chooser and OpenID Connect. Account Chooser has the opportunity to significantly simplify the login experience for many of today's internet users. In concert with Account Chooser, OpenID Connect addresses a very broad range of both social and enterprise use cases. Keeping Authentication separate from Authorization is important to the development of user flows that truly scale. In addition, allowing for both Authentication and Authorization in the same flow will streamline federated identity experiences.

As a community member of the OpenID Foundation board, I will work to ensure both technical excellence in the specifications and broad adoption of the OpenID protocols.

For broad adoption of OpenID Connect and Account Chooser, we need have deployment by early adopters as well as show business value to both Identity Providers and Relying Parties. In addition, we need to define best practices for new user flows introduced by identity federation such as account recovery, temporary access (when the user's IdP is "down") and forgotten IdP. These are areas of focus for me in the coming year.
To vote just click here!