Friday, April 06, 2007

When it's not a Phish

On March 29 I received the following email from eBay (I left out the “boiler plate” text regarding how to protect yourself from fraud).

My first thought was another clever phishing scheme as I don't have a credit card on file with eBay other than my PayPal account. So I looked through the email for links or other telltale signs that would indicate a phish. I couldn't find anything so I went to eBay and logged in (not via the email of course). There were the same two emails in my eBay “inbox”. I checked my account at eBay and everything looked fine. I then checked my associated PayPal account and there were no purchases via that account. Next step was to check my credit card balance.

Hmm... there on my activity statement was a charge from The immediate red lights started whirring as I don't have a snapfish account. So off to the hassle of calling the credit card company, etc. The result of these calls was to watch my credit card account (the first fraudulent charge was $1.33). The following day there were two more fraudulent charges from ($2.90 and $41.65 respectively). Now back to the phone to remove these charges from my bill, cancel the credit card and get a new card issued with a new number. The biggest hassle being finding all the companies that have re-occuring charges against that card. Yet another thing to keep track of in the event this happens again.

A BIG thank you to eBay for sending this email and helping me catch the fraud right from the start. Needless to say this experience has not been pleasant, including monitoring of online credit card statements while on vacation this week. This is my first experience with this sort of fraud and I don't hope to repeat the process anytime soon:)

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