Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Identity issues at IIW 2007

Something “new” happened at IIW 2007 yesterday. Instead of the normal “state-of-identity” talks and “introduction to the issues”, Monday afternoon focused around “speed geeking” and collective identity issues. We divided into groups and each group came up with a set of issues that they felt were important. Kaliya collected all the different issues/questions into a mind map (picture of it came be found here). Other summaries can be found here and here.

Of noticeable interest to me was the commonality of a lot of the questions/issues.
  • privacy
  • trust
  • reputation
  • delegation
  • user experience
  • interoperability between identity systems
  • identity relationships (parental controls was brought up and not by me:) )
  • and the list goes on
These issues are at a different level that just figuring out how the technology will work to do SSO or authentication. It should be a good conference.

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