Monday, August 31, 2009

IIW #9 : Making it all work

If you haven't seen the announcements for the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) floating around the identity listservs, it's happening Nov. 3-5 at the Computer History Museum. A lot has happened since the last IIW in May and I'm excited about the progress that has been made in the intervening months.

Thinking back to past IIWs it's great to see the progression of topics at IIW from geeky syntax and protocols to solutions and solving the problems from a user's perspective. With the recent developments around "webfinger" and XRD, some of the "glue" pieces are coming together.

I believe the next core issue to tackle in "Making it all work" is the user experience. To date we've been solving the problems mostly from a functionality perspective. However, just being "functional" isn't good enough for the average consumer. We need to make it easy and coherent (not a trivial task). By easy, I don't just mean "there aren't too many clicks" but rather a user experience that proactively helps the user with the tasks they need to perform. There are lots of nuances in the identity space and the average user doesn't grok them, so the technology has to help the user make the "right" decision.

I'm expecting discussions like this to be a key part of IIW #9.

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