Thursday, September 16, 2010

OAuth and Signatures

First, if you have not yet read Eran's most recent post on the subject, OAuth 2.0 (without Signatures) is Bad for the Web, click the link and go read it now!

With that background, I just want to add a couple thoughts. There were two OAuth sessions at the recent IIW East conference in DC. In those sessions we discussed two places where signature are "needed" to enhance the existing OAuth 2.0 draft protocol: signing messages and signing tokens.
  • Signing tokens is important for interoperability especially looking forward to a time when tokens issued by multiple Authorization Servers are accepted at a given host.
  • Signing messages is important because it provides a mechanism to ensure that the entity making the API call (and presenting an access token) is really the entity that is allowed to make the API call.
With some careful and thoughtful work, I think it should be possible to define a single signing mechanism that can be used for both use cases. If you haven't yet read Nat Sakimura's signature draft, please read it and provide feedback to the list.

+10 to Eran's blog that signatures are a critical component of making OAuth useful now and in the future!

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