Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Concordia workshop @ Burton Catalyst

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the Concordia workshop (a pre-conference event to the Burton Catalyst conference) on issues consumers face when dealing with the user experience exposed to them by different identity meta-systems. Good summaries of the workshop can be found here and here.

A number of points stood out to me as I listened to the different presentations.
  1. Even enterprise deployments have issues with the user experience. Enterprise users want a easy/seamless experience as much as consumers.
  2. Companies have figured out to get COTS products based on different protocols to work together, albeit in a rather complex deployment architecture.
  3. Scaleability of federation is a real issue. Scaleability issues exist in deployment configurations, administration as well as technically.
  4. Solving how to federate between federations is an important task that needs clear best practices.

Overall, it was a very productive workshop. Expect more information to appear on the Concordia wiki shortly.

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Praveen said...

Apparently "liability" is a very important factor in enterprise world than in the online Web 2.0 world. That word kept coming pretty much in every presentation today and also the concern about how user-centric identity makes it even complicated.