Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank you Evernote!

The fantastic news in the saga of working to reclaim my wife's Evernote account has a very happy ending. In working with the Evernote support team (which is incredibly helpful) it appeared that the only option was to create a brand new Evernote account and then import the notes that were sync'd on her laptop. This was a less than ideal solution because it meant her old account would be orphaned and accessible to the person who owned the email address I mistakenly used when registering her account. Because of this I've been delaying setting up my wife's new Evernote account.

You can't imagine my happiness when I fired up Evernote on her laptop this morning and was directed to the web to reset her password. On the page where there used to be just a "An email has been sent" message, there was a "I didn't get the email" button. That took me through a new 'account recovery' flow that allowed me to reclaim my wife's original account (rather than create a new one). Basically, I had to enter the email address I had used to register the account as well as my wife's username and old password. From there I could reset the password. Now that I had reclaimed the account, I went in and fixed my email mistake so I won't get stuck in this situation again:)


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